Technical Support

Technical support and Quality

The staff in our technical department is always at your service and ready to answer your questions when you need help. We do no exaggerate when we say that we are the only company at the market to offer this service for all our products. Our employees have the knowledge to answer your questions and to calculate all kinds of technical questions - further they have thorough knowledge of laws and lighting regulations for vehicles.


Quality  through experience

A valuable key to high quality is also our customer support. Through our support, you will get direct feedback concerning our products. We collect and analyze experiences from our customers and see to that these experiences are forwarded to our development department. 


Garanti and Warranty claim procedure

If you have a complaint - please inform us in writing immediately after the damage has occurred with our request for warranty.

You can download it as a PDF file - follow the link to ERMAX warranty claim form

You can also find our warranty procedure as a PDF - follow the link to the ERMAX Warranty Procedure

Questions can be sent to: