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Transparent transport processes?
We are your partner.

We think transport

The goal of the BPW Group is to support our customers in the best possible way in the trade of transport and logistics. Therefore, we prioritise your requirements most. Besides, we adjust our solutions after your individual requests and we are with you all the way with counsel and guidance. In the BPW group, this partnership means: we think transport


The BPW Group - the perfect partner for owners of vehicles and vehicle builders

As mobility partners we support owners of vehicles with a perfect matching product- and service package. This will help making your transport processes transparent- making these safer and more effektive and thus to manage your platform easily and simply. With our solutions within telematics for heavy vehicles, you are kept informed and are able to intervene if necessary.

At the same time the BPW Group, supports all vehicle builders as system partner- with a wide programme of chassis systems and services, which make the process of production effective and even fulfill discerning customer´s requirements.


Brands of the BPW Gruppen 


Products that contribute to a good economy

Daily thousands of lorries drive on the roads worldwide to make sure that the supplies arrive. This logistic masterpiece is however no matter of course. Everything has to go well together. In particular, the chassis, with its many kilometres of driving exposed to great strain by potholes in the road, cold, warmth or dust. ERMAX always guarantees a quality that can withstand extreme challenges, built up around 5 strong core product marks inside the BPW concern.

It is not only important to transport the cargo safely- it must also be economically. We offer you a complete chassis from one and same supplier: from shaft over suspension, brakes to electronic brake systems. Our system of telematics ensure a better economy- an effective administration of platform reduces the operational costs.

And everything well illuminated with Ermax´light for a safe transport.

Everything is perfectly matching in a system that comply with the biggest requirements. This also means an excellent service as for example brake service in record time. In this way tool endurances, consumption and expenses are saved effectively- and with BPW, you are constantly on the way in the operational economic way. 



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