Quality - by ERMAX

Total Quality

We find that quality is more than a system. for us it is a way to consider the whole value chain in the company - starting with the expectations from our customers to the performance from our suppliers. Quality i part of our culture and an importance reason why other larger OEM producers (original equipment manufacturers) see us as a reliable business partner. 

Quality through experience 

A valuable key to high quality is also our customer support. Through our support, you will get direct feedback concerning our products. We collect and analyze experiences from our customers and see to that these experiences are forwarded to our development department. 

We make the future a little better than the past 

Good quality is not the end goal. We will always try to improve our quality goals, because the world changes constantly. In order to control and improve our internal and external quality we are very inspired by LEAN, however, we have also developed and implemented further processes to support our ideas of quality e.g. FMEA analysis, reporting systems concerning deviations.

The newest measure technology

We are always looking for the right way to make sure that our products comply with the expectations of our customer in order for us to continue improving our measures of processes and product specifications.

Flexible - but also, part of a global network

We are a medium-sized company with the ability to act quickly - on the other hand, we are also part of the BPW group with access to a large resource of e.g. knowledge, skills and measure equipment. The most important goal with our quality system is satisfied costumers at short and long sight.


ISO Certifikat - 9001:2008

ERMAX A/S - with the brand ERMAX - is certified within the areas "development, produktion and trade ith auto parts" and comply with the standard DS/EN ISO 9001:2015



ISO 9001 : 2019 Certifikat ( UK )