Business Areas

Our business areas are divided into 3 main areas

However, the field of operation for all three areas are centred on the product family lighting components.


System solutions for heavy vehicle trailers and agricultural vehicles
- A wide product programme consisting og axle systems and brake technology, lock systems and built-up technic, lighting- and cable systems and plastic technology.
For heavy vehicles, we also offer a very extensive and user-friendly telematics solution for optimizing of the transports.
Within the agricultural sector, the system solutions also include our own produced tarpaulins and other goal-oriented components.


Complete lighting systems and electrical equipment
- Consisting of components, which can be assembled modularly into a complete system from a wide standard programme. Our lighting systems are marketed under the brand name ERMAX and we produce and sell a wide programme within lighting, junction boxes and cable systems for heavy vehicles and agricultural machines. 


OEM & AEM programme for trailers up to 3,500 kg 
Under the brand Forzaline®  we producere and sell built-up parts and equipment for passenger car trailers - leisure - and business trailers, car- and machine transporters, mobile homes.
Lighting, ramps, tarpaulins with racks, flat tarpaulins and CV profiles are among our many OEM products, which we sell at the Danish and European markets. 
Axles / axle components are also a natural part of our complete programme being a part of the BPW group. Our programme also consists of accessories and spare parts.


Your needs are decisive ! 

- moreover, because your needs are individual, our solutions are different. 

Our long experience as both OEM and spare part partner is your guarantee for quality and punctual delivery and daily focus on ensuring that expectations and executions are fulfilled - exactly as you expect !